Democrats Filing Petitions for County Legislature Candidates Today

Syracuse, NY – The Onondaga County Democratic Committee will continue to file petitions for its designated candidates in the upcoming November elections.

Democratic candidates for Onondaga County Legislator are expected to arrive at the Onondaga County Board of Elections at 4:00 p.m. today. They will file petitions in 15 of 17 legislature districts and discuss the need to fix partisan Gerrymandering that gives Republicans a legislative supermajority in a county that has 25,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans. At the March meeting, all Republican legislators voted against a nonpartisan commission to redraw the County Legislature map after next year’s census.

Democratic Legislature candidates are:
  • Justin Neal (1st District),
  • Nodesia Hernandez (2nd District),
  • Gary Williams, Jr. (3rd District),
  • Kathy Zabinski (4th District),
  • Jessica Bumpus (5th District),
  • Susan Scheuerman (6th District),
  • Joey Chiarenza (7th District),
  • Christopher Ryan (8th District),
  • Peggy Chase (9th District),
  • Mark Matt (10th District),
  • Irene Workman (11th District),
  • Jennifer Blusk (12th District),
  • Bill Kinne (15th District),
  • Vernon Williams, Jr. (16th District),
  • Linda Ervin (17th District).

According to New York State Election Law, candidates are required to collect a specified number of petitions from registered voters in their individual jurisdictions to be able to qualify to be on the ballot.