Democrats Outnumber Republicans 12-1 in CSEA Endorsements for County Legislature

Syracuse, NY-  Wednesday CSEA, the county employee union, announced their endorsements for the 2021 election which included seven of the Democratic challengers for County Legislature and four incumbents. Compared to 2019, three endorsements have flipped from Republican to Democratic challengers totaling 12 Democrats endorsed by the union and only one Republican.

CSEA is one of the largest unions in New York State which covers county employees. Onondaga County employs more than 2,000 people. The fact that most of our candidates received this endorsement from those directly affected by the actions of the legislature speaks volumes. It shows that what our candidates are running on and the change desperately needed in our communities is resonating across the board.

Democratic candidates endorsed this year

Matt Johnson District 3

Jana Rogers District 5

Diane Dwire District 6

Mary Kuhn District 7

Chris Ryan District 8

Peggy Chase District 9

Heather Waters District 10

Ryan Suser District 11

Sunny Aslam District 12

Dr. Shanelle Benson Reid District 14

Bill Kinne District 15

Charles Garland District 16

Election day for these races and others is November 2nd. Early voting begins October 23rd.