Does Black Life Matter? Rally! Syracuse City Hall Saturday August 1, 11:30-2PM

The following information is from the coalition that has come together, The People’s Agenda for Policing, today they’re holding a protest on the steps of City Hall between 11:30 – 2PM. See their statement below:

Does Black Life Matter? We have marched, rallied and written demands to get an answer. The history of Black and Brown people in this nation necessitate the demand for a codification of our humanity in policies that safeguard our bodies and civil rights.

The People’s Agenda for Policing invites Syracuse to rally on the steps of City Hall Saturday, August 1 from 11:30AM — 2PM. We will report on progress to-date and share new calls to action. Join us in our demand for change and a stop to state-sanctioned violence in our community and schools. We The People Have Had Enough.

Three weeks ago Mayor Ben Walsh, Superintendent Jaime Alicea, SCSD Board President, Katie Sojewicz and Deputy Mayor Sharon Owens made the commitment to respond to the our demands. Find full list of demands at —

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People’s Agenda for Police Reform signatories: BLM Syracuse​, ​SPAARC​, ​Syracuse Chapter of the National Action Network​: Syracuse Chapter, Cuse Youth BLM​, ​WHJ Minority Bar Association​, ​Raha Syracuse​, ​ACTS​, ​Black Leadership Coalition​, ​Center for Community Alternatives​, ​Central New York Chapter of the NYCLU​, ​CNY Solidarity​, ​Syracuse Peace Council, Syracuse Cultural Workers, Uplift Syracuse, Rebirth Syracuse