Don’t Delay Your Tax Refund! File Accurately to Ensure Prompt Review and Processing

Missing or incorrect entries, unsubstantiated credit claims, and inflated deductions slow processing and refunds

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance today reminded New York taxpayers of the importance of correctly filing their tax return. An accurately filed return, using provable information, is the only way to ensure timely processing and the speedy issuance of any refund taxpayers may be due.

“Filing errors or falsified information could cause the return to be pulled from the flow for more scrutiny, delaying any potential refund,” said Acting Commissioner Nonie Manion. “We want taxpayers to receive all the credits and deductions they deserve, including the Earned Income Tax Credit or Child and Dependent Care Credit, but it’s crucial that they have the supporting documents to prove their eligibility if asked.”

Taxpayers may receive a letter from the Tax Department asking for documentation to support a specific credit claim on their return, but that doesn’t mean they did anything wrong. It’s one more step the Tax Department takes to ensure accurate refunds go to those who are entitled.

Respond to any Tax Department correspondence as soon as possible to avoid delays. The easiest and fastest way to respond is online through the Respond to department notice service.

In 2016, the Tax Department set aside nearly 382,000 returns for additional review, preventing $554 million in suspicious refund claims from being issued. By analyzing all returns as they arrive with sophisticated analytics, the Tax Department constantly works to stay ahead of emerging fraud schemes and refund scams. Highly trained staff adjusts the analytics tool, used to sift billions of data points, as schemes evolve or when suspicious patterns are identified.

When analysts suspect criminal activity, the Tax Department investigates and, if appropriate, refers the case to criminal prosecutors. Taxpayers who suspect that an individual or business is committing tax fraud can confidentially report it online or by phone at 518-457-0578. The information is kept confidential. The Tax Department takes illegal activity seriously by promptly reviewing each complaint, and taking corrective action when appropriate.