Election Day 2021: Now, It’s Up to You

There’s a lot at stake on November 2nd Election Day. After allowing republicans to go unchallenged on the Onondaga County Legislature democrats are putting up a slate of candidates. We will see if their “Flip the Legislature” theme struck a chord with voters.

Given recent history, the 16th Onondaga County Legislative District could be a tight race as Charles Garland won the democratic nomination in a primary; Vernon Williams, the incumbent has waged an all-out campaign on the Working Families line. Williams also secured the endorsement of Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh on Election Eve.

We have the Syracuse City Board of Education race which is important as we continue to struggle with our education system. Even with rising test scores there are problems.

While endorsements pile up for incumbent Ben Walsh, nothing is certain about the Mayoral campaign as Syracuse is a city with a large majority of voters registered as democrats. Rarely has an incumbent Mayor lost, but this is the first independent Mayor in 100 years, anything is possible.

Khalid Bey as the first Black candidate representing a major party is making Syracuse history. Winning would give Syracuse our first Black Mayor.

The next four years will be crucial as the region begins to prepare for the Interstate 81 project. Parts are already out to bid as this is more than a bridge through the city of Syracuse, this effects a region.

The plans such as the Syracuse Surge, presented to the public should begin to take root, as we emerge from the global pandemic that threatened our health both physically and fiscally.

There are a lot of plans in the process of debate and discussion. What to do with American Rescue Funds? Will an Aquarium and Lacrosse Fields increase tourism? What’s the best way to pay for these amenities, even if we want these investments? A revised or “Flipped Legislature” to Democratic control would change the dynamic.

Who you vote for, will determine how these funds are spent. Who you vote for, will determine the direction of our city and county for years to come. Some decisions will influence our community for the next 60 years.

The worst comment to hear after Election Day is, “I wish I had voted.”