Empowering Communities to Take Action -Jubilee Homes of Syracuse TONIGHT ! August 14th

It is important for the community to be involved and active in the struggle for economic development parity. How do we redevelop our neighborhoods as others have across the city? How do residents mobilize to bring about major investments into our urban neighborhoods? These ideas are all on the table as Jubilee Homes of Syracuse hosts one of what may be many sessions, this first, Empowering Communities to Take Action. A special meeting will take place at Living Waters COGIC on August 14th at 6:00 P.M. at 121 Huron St, Syracuse, New York 13207 “Click” for Jubilee Meeting Information

South Ave Map click on image to enlarge.

Learn about economic climate in Syracuse and how we can empower communities to build strategic alliances within the public, private and government sectors to advocate and bring in resources to address employment, housing, economic development and social ills in our neighborhoods. Our goal is to continue to build back our communities by bringing our communities together!