Endorsement: Frank Cetera for Syracuse Common Councilor-at-Large

With all due respect to the other candidates that are running, Frank Cetera has been doing the work without the title. On any given day of a season he’s planting a sustainable garden, or working on ideas to foster employee owned businesses and cooperatives. He’s been a singular voice challenging the status quo, by not only being critical of some of our decisions as a community; but working to make it better by thinking outside “the box” on everything he touches that’s civic. He has a wealth of ideas matched by action on those very ideas whether he’s in elective office or not. Just read his bio below.

Frank Cetera is 44 years old and lives with his wife Ursula Rozum on Otisco St in the Near Westside neighborhood of Syracuse. He has worked as a NYS Certified Business Advisor with the Onondaga Small Business Development Center at Onondaga Community College since 2009, providing business development planning and analysis to small and medium sized enterprises. During that time, Cetera has accounted for the creation of 294 jobs, and the economic investment of $3,730,000 into the small business engine of our communities. In service to his fellow workers, he also serves as Professional Administrators’ At-Large Union Steward for NYSUT Local 1845 OCC Federation of Teachers and Administrators, as well as Delegate to the Greater Syracuse Labor Council.

Cetera’s additional experience includes the role of Board President of Cooperative Federal Credit Union since 2010, a Community Development Credit Union that manages $22 million in assets and that serves those in Syracuse neighborhoods that are underserved by traditional banking entities. Cetera has also helped lead the recent rebirth of the Tomorrows Neighborhoods Today community planning sectors as citywide Vice-Chair, and Chair of the strategic planning committee; as well as initiated and implemented numerous grassroots projects such as the 610 Gifford St Community Garden, the Near Westside’s Adopt-A-Trashcan program, and the NY Cooperative Business Network.

Fun with Flags “The Big Bang Theory”

One of Cetera’s opponents Michael Greene made some news when he made comments about the design of the Syracuse Flag and proceeded to work to make changes to that flag. It was like an episode of televisions The Big Bang Theory, specifically, “Fun with Flags” where Dr’s Amy Fowler Foster and Sheldon Cooper stream a program about the world of flags. Parts of our city are an absolute mess; he toured an area once alerted, to some possible issues involving street repairs and an ongoing junkyard. Mr. Greene never made an attempt to inform the property owner of the resolution, if any. Michael Greene’s the odd-on favorite to win.

This time give the other Green running for Common Councilor-at-Large your support this Election Day, vote for Frank Cetera for Syracuse Common Councilor-at-Large. Or we can continue to have Fun with Flags and other nebulous actions better left for TNT.  Frank Cetera will have a monumental impact being on the Syracuse Common Council, he’s a voice that’s sorely needed.