Entire Freshman Class at East Syracuse Minoa High School Eligible to Attend OCC Tuition-Free Thanks to “OCC Advantage” College-Readiness and Scholarship Program

East Syracuse Minoa High School will join “OCC Advantage,” a new and unique college-readiness and scholarship program. All students at ESM who meet attendance and grade point average (GPA) requirements and also complete community service will be eligible to attend OCC tuition-free. The GPA requirement is 2.0 which is the letter grade equivalent of a “C.”

Once enrolled at OCC students will have two years to complete work toward an associate degree or certificate, preparing them for a career or transfer to a four-year institution. During their time on campus students must meet minimum grade point average requirements and perform community service.

All students who are presently freshman at ESM are enrolled in the OCC Advantage program. As members of ESM’s class of 2020 they will be college-ready and able to attend OCC tuition-free should they choose to do so. During the 2016-17 academic year, full-time tuition at OCC is $2,285 per semester.

The Solvay School District joined the OCC Advantage program earlier this month.