From Activist to Candidate: Walt Dixie Jumps into Race for Syracuse Common Councilor At-Large

For decades Walt Dixie was known for Jubilee Homes and his previous leadership roles in the Alliance Network and the local chapter of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. On Saturday May 8th Dixie announced his candidacy for the Common Council Democratic nomination for Syracuse Common Councilor At-Large.  An eclectic group of people gathered to listen to Dixie’s announcement; Lawn signs were handed out and Dixie made a speech for once, on his own behalf.

He talked about the “community” coming together for the long game. How community activism involves being engaged. “I’m only as strong as you are” Dixie proclaims as he lists reasons why he’d be effective. “I’m representing a platform designed to bring people together” Dixie continues, “You can say defund the police until you need them, I’m not saying we don’t have issues.” He points to recent movement in a positive direction regarding community police relations, “We still have a lot to work on”.

Dixie’s announcement is positioning the candidate as someone who can bring people together, “We have to work from the bottom up”. His speech was a broad overview of issues that are percolating within the urban community. Economic Development, community police relations, and “How we deal with mental health”.

A major point to emerge from the announcement was his commitment to re-establishing the Urban League. The organization was instrumental in channeling employment opportunities and being an advocate for the urban community. Dixie wants to bring back an organization to again be a part of the development of our community. The announcement was attended by 25 people of various backgrounds, from elected officials to current and former city government appointees.