Garland Warns of Possible Lawsuits if Onondaga County Redistricting Map is Not Vetoed

Warning of possible legal action as precedent has been set when in 2015 Albany County faced a similar  problem, gerrymandering minority populated areas.

Garland includes a link to a story from a case in Albany County from 2015 to prove his point.

According to a statement issued by Onondaga County Legislator-Elect (16th District) Charles Garland, “County Executive Ryan McMahon now has the redistricting maps and will either sign them or veto them.  

We will have the seventh and FINAL public hearing this Friday November 19th at 11:00 AM in his conference room the 14th floor of the Civic Center. I hope to see you there. 

Albany has successfully sued and won three redistricting lawsuits, which has established a precedent that we can follow.”

Be well. Be blessed. Be safe,
Charles Garland