Ghosts of Christmas Past

It’s been said that Christmas is a child’s holiday and that it’s important for children to have toys and gifts. There’s nothing worse than a child whose parents didn’t plan for their obligations; the horror stories that I’ve heard this past week is enough to make an adult cry.

The child at the corner store with a parent asks for a piece of candy and the adult looks down at them, angrily saying, “no, you ain’t getting’ s***,” as the store employee hands her a Vanilla Dutch and a 24-pack of Keystone beer.

There are parents who intentionally shower one child with lavish gifts while relegating another child to the gift dust heap. If you recall the story of Cinderella the reason they called her Cinderella was because she had to sleep by the cinders of the fireplace.

Treated badly by her evil stepsisters, she eventually found a way out by latching on to a handsome (not homely looking) Prince via a lost glass slipper.

Christmas for some adults is the worst time of the year because of the emotional trauma experienced as a child when things at home just didn’t go like those Andy Williams’ Christmas Specials on NBC.

Like a bubbling caldron, Christmas brings out the best in us and the worst. There are some people that hide the moment the first Christmas carol hits the department store intercom. There is so much emotional pain that they can’t be happy at this time and the season of joy becomes the reason for pain.

Like any capitalist society, we place a value on everything. Christmas has a high value because of the bottom line of making a profit. Some large companies and small businesses have only that crucial holiday season in which they can prosper.

Somewhere in the middle of all the wrapping, toys, gadgets, goods and services is the premise that a child was born on this day and Christians around the world celebrate his birth.

When we forget the real meaning of Christmas we become sad, disappointed, let down — some people get downright depressed.

Jesus is the reason for the season and when we forget this we all suffer. It doesn’t matter if you have money, status or things, it’s simply being there for the ones who need your love. Otherwise, you’ll relive the emotional ghosts of Christmas past and miss the true meaning, which is greater than any of us.