Gospel Heritage Month Celebration at Community Folk Art Center Applauded September 22nd

The Community Folk Art Center (CFAC) in Syracuse filled the house with jubilation on Thursday night, September 22nd.  Gospel Music Heritage Month was spearheaded by Alvin Williams in 2007. Gospel Music Heritage Month (GMHM) in the United States was established in June 2008, by dual legislation passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate designated September as Gospel Music Heritage Month.  The mission is to educate and celebrate the art form and rich heritage of all genres of gospel music through word and song.  Dr. Joan Hillsman, noted historian and music educator, expounded on the importance of spreading the word of this great accomplishment, honoring this genre of music along with others in our culture.


Dr. Joan Hillsman

Tamara Smithers, Director of Education, CFAC, organized this event. This is the second year it has kicked- off CFAC’s  the series, “Journey Through Music of the African Diaspora”. For a schedule of future events please visit WWW.communityfolkartcenter.org.

The participants were Dr. Joan Hillsman and the Syracuse Chapter of The Gospel Music Workshop of America (SGMWA), Jamel Jett, Soloist Tamara Smithers, The Black Celestial Ensemble of Syracuse University, and Syracuse community musicians, accompany the celebration .  This is slated to be an on-going event.  Therefore, spread the word for participants to be involved in the coming year.