Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Facebook’s Removal of Deceptive Ads on HIV-Prevention Drug Truvada

“Facebook’s decision to remove the deceptive ads that questioned the safety of the HIV-prevention drug Truvada is a huge win. Fear-mongering attorneys should never have been allowed to scare individuals into thinking this life-saving drug is causing them harm just to make an extra buck. It was wrong and ethically questionable, and taking the ads down was the right thing to do.

“Health officials and federal regulators have been clear Truvada is safe and effective, and its use among New Yorkers has helped our state make great strides toward ending the AIDS epidemic.

“I’m glad Facebook finally recognized the danger these misleading ads posed to public health and took action to remove them. New Yorkers should continue to listen to their healthcare providers when it comes to their decisions about any medication and ask questions about any advertising that they believe may not represent the whole truth.”