Governor Cuomo Directs New York State Police to Increase Presence in City of Albany in Wake of Surge of Gun Violence

Increased Presence Comes at Request of Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan

“The recent surge of gun violence that has taken the lives of too many innocent bystanders and injured even more individuals in the City of Albany is deeply unsettling. Our communities need to be safe places where New Yorkers can live, work and raise families without fear of senseless violence and crime.

At the request of Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, I am directing the New York State Police to assist the Albany Police Department with any available resources. This effort will include increased patrols and deployment of the State Police Community Stabilization Unit – a new initiative designed to strategically address known issues, in partnership with the local police and the community, to prevent crime before it occurs.”

This information comes after the city of Syracuse experienced two teen deaths by violence within 48 hours. The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Police Chief and President of the Syracuse Common Council appeared in a press conference to draw attention to the problem that appears to be occurring in cities across the country.