Governor Cuomo: If The U.S. Senate Passes Their Health Care Bill, New Yorkers Will Be Forced To Pay A “Faso-Collins Federal Tax”

Cuomo: Members of New York’s Own Congressional Delegation Voted to Tax the Very People They Represent

New York Already Contributes $48 Billion More in Taxes to the Federal Government Than It Receives in Federal Spending and Collins, Faso Voted to Cut $2.3 Billion to New York Alone

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today released the following statement on the health care bill and the Faso-Collins amendment being considered in the US Senate:

“This year, some members of New York’s own Congressional delegation have voted to cut $2.3 billion in federal funding to New York State and New York State alone. I have never seen representatives in Washington fighting to take funding away from their home state, but that’s exactly what Faso, Collins and their colleagues have done. This shocking action from officials elected to help their constituents comes at a high price for New Yorkers: every resident of this state will be forced to pay the ‘Faso-Collins Federal Tax’ to make up the difference.

“In a reckless and dangerous political maneuver, Chris Collins, John Faso and certain partners in the New York delegation have betrayed their constituents by attempting to burden them with a piece of health care legislation that will amount to a 10 percent tax increase to their property taxes to make up for cuts from the federal government. New York is already a ‘donor state’ that contributes $48 billion more in taxes to the federal government than it receives in federal spending. At a time when middle class families are already struggling to make ends meet, Faso, Collins and other members of the delegation who supported this reckless amendment will have to answer to the people of this state for it.

“Over the last seven years, I have made capping and cutting property taxes a main priority, passing the first-ever 2 percent property tax cap, and legislation forcing local governments to propose shared-services plans to lower local property taxes, but Faso and Collins are seeking to reverse that. This is nothing more than a political gimmick dressed up as property tax relief and every New Yorker should call their representative to stop this reprehensible legislation from passing.”