Governor Hochul Delivers Remarks at The Empire Baptist Missionary Convention

Earlier this evening Governor Kathy Hochul delivered remarks at the Empire Baptist Missionary Convention.

A rush transcript of the Governor’s remarks is available below: 

Hello everyone. I’ve got a little technology problems but I think we’re okay. I know you’re doing a hybrid session, so I hope that’s going well for you. I do want to thank all my friends, Reverend Dr. Carl Washington for your leadership as the Dean of the National Baptist Convention. First Lady Benita Washington, two true spiritual leaders at a time when we need them more than ever. The entire Empire Missionary Baptist Church – just what we’ve needed during this pandemic is a place we can rely on, an institution we can rely on, people we can rely on.

Gov. Kathy Hochul

And I want to thank the members of the clergy represented here today for all you’ve done to help lift New Yorkers up in their greatest time of need, through the dark days of the pandemic. [Inaudible] many, many prayers on behalf of those who we’ve lost and those that are sick, and prayers to God to help us get through this.

And I want to thank you for being the leaders of this and being there to comfort people who’ve lost a loved one, and also now to help us lift people up as we are approaching the end of this pandemic. This has been an extraordinary time, pushed a lot of people to dark places and people having mental health problems, and substance abuse issues, and so many people who were frail to begin with and the pandemic was too much.

I want to thank all of you for being [inaudible] lifted up not just physically, but spiritually, that’s what’s so desperately needed. [inaudible] making sure that people understand that the word of God it will give them the comfort that they are seeking.

I just want to thank you. As the leader of the state, this is so important to me to know that you are up there. And I want to make it so that my administration, myself personally, to join you in lifting people out of this dark place and into a far better present and also a better future.

We’ve also got a special occasion going on right now. Happy Birthday to Reverend Doctor Robert W. Dixon. People in one hundred years will be talking about all of your work with the church.

[Inaudible] I know there’s one person who [inaudible] and that is someone who has been my guide, someone I rely on as a close friend and someone who sees the same values that I share of supporting family and lifting people up in certain circumstances – those who are more privileged. We have to fight for giving people housing, health care. People need better education. There are so many social inequities and injustices still going on in society today. I have a friend who is going to join me as we go forward in the future on this endeavor and that is Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin. I believe he’s there in person, but I wanted him to know I appreciate all he has done with his life. He’s a very religious individual and our faith journey brought us to the position where we are today. All of this responsibility brought on not only by our belief in God, but by our belief in each other. We help each other be stronger and to find the path to redemption if necessary and also a path to a better life.

I want to thank Brian Benjamin for being willing to step up. And I want to introduce our Lieutenant Governor, Brian Benjamin.