Green Party Statewide Nominating Convention in Rensselaer

Rensselaer—The Green Party of New York will hold its nominating convention for statewide candidates on Saturday, May 19, from 11am-6pm at the Rensselaer Presbyterian Church, 34 Broadway, Rensselaer, NY.

Announced candidates seeking nomination include: Howie Hawkins (Governor), Jia Lee (Lt. Governor), Michael H. Sussman (Attorney General), Adrienne Craig-Williams (Comptroller), and Mark Dunlea (Comptroller).

Featured speakers will include former Green Party Lt. Governor candidate Dr. Alice Green, historian and journalist Vijay Prashad, and Green Party official Christine Elms of the South Glens Falls Village Board.

Guest speakers and workshops for rank-and-file Greens are scheduled to begin at 11am. Statewide candidate nominations are scheduled to begin at 2:30pm.