Growing Your Business in the 21st Century: DASNY of the Future

The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) is hosting its 24th annual Minority and Women Business Enterprises Conference on Friday and Saturday, October 23 and 24, 2009 in Albany, New York. It is the largest statewide conference of its kind for minority and women business enterprise (MWBE) firms.

This is the most important MWBE conference for financial, legal and construction services professionals in New York State!

The event, titled: “Growing Your Business in the 21st Century: DASNY of the Future,” will be held at the Marriott Hotel located at 189 Wolf Road, Albany, New York 12205. The annual conference offers attendees an excellent opportunity to meet, network and discuss topics important to construction, commodities, financial services and legal professionals seeking to do business with the Dormitory Authority and other New York State entities.

Panel discussion topics include:

∙ Future Procurement Opportunities
∙ Financial/Legal/Professional Services
∙ Construction-related Professional Services
∙ Construction Contracting
∙ Purchasing/Interior Design/Commodities

Founded in 1944, the Dormitory Authority is one of the largest public builders and finance agencies in the nation. Each year the Authority spends more than $725 million on construction projects and typically issues between $5 and $7 billion in tax-exempt bonds.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program

The EEO Program ensures that minority and women employment goals are met and maintained throughout the life of each project. All contractors and consultants are required to have a diverse workforce. An OPG Analyst is assigned to monitor MWBE and EEO participation and to assist contractors in integrating minority and women workers into their workforce. Outreach and referral services are provided to the contractor; however, the contractor is still required to seek other sources for the employment of minorities and women.

Construction Contracting

DASNY establishes MWBE and EEO goals on construction projects valued at $100,000 or more. MWBE goals can be attained through the utilization of NYS certified MWBE subcontractors and suppliers. DASNY also administers a set-aside program which designates purchases and contracts for Construction and Services at four City University Campuses to be bid by small business concerns solely with a portion exclusively reserved for bidding by minority businesses.

Construction-Related Professional Services

The Authority actively pursues MWBE involvement in Construction-related Professional Services. This program covers:

1 Professional design contracts requiring the services of licensed architects, engineers, planners and surveyors, among others.

2 Regulated professional contracts requiring the services of individuals and firms whose practices are regulated by the State of New York.

3 General consultant contracts such as construction management, affirmative action and general business services.

4 General service contracts such as printing and janitorial.

M/W/SBE Opportunity Programs Group

DASNY’s Opportunity Programs Group (OPG) now supports two areas for MWBEs: Construction Contracting and Commodity Compliance, directed by Michael M. Clay and a new, expanded role, Financial Services, Professional Services, and Real Estate Services, as specified in Executive Order 10 directed by Taffi Woolward.

The Opportunity Programs Group is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of programs and procedures:

To increase the development and utilization of qualified business firms owned by minority group members, women and small businesses through such means as contracting, subcontracting, and commodity procurement, as well as legal services, financial services, real estate services and other professional services.

To ensure contractors and others doing business with the Authority employ qualified minority group members and women in positions in which they may have been previously excluded or substantially underutilized.

Moreover, in terms of statutory requirements, the Opportunity Programs Group is responsible for ensuring Authority compliance with the Public Authorities Law, Set-Aside Legislation, Article 15A of the Executive Law and Executive Order 10.

Michael M. Clay, Director of the Opportunity Programs Group (OPG), plans and directs activities of the unit and is responsible for administration and compliance with applicable rules, regulations and Board policy related to construction. Mr. Clay has offices in New York City and Albany. His telephone number in New York is (212) 273-5146 and his telephone number in Albany is (518) 257-3464.

As the Director of OPG for Financial and Professional Services Diversity Programs, Taffi Woolward develops and implements Authority-wide diversity programs and initiatives to broaden procurement opportunities and increase utilization of minority and women-owned businesses. Ms. Woolward, working with Governor Paterson’s E.O 10 MWBE Task Force, recommends procurement policy and guidelines, develops performance measures to evaluate firms, collaborates and benchmarks other public authorities, and executes Task Force recommendations. Ms. Woolward has offices in New York City and Albany. Her telephone number in New York is (212) 273-5080 and her telephone number in Albany is (518) 257- 3612.

The Opportunity Programs Group has six programmatic operations, namely,

Construction Contracting Program; Set-Aside Program;
Employment Compliance Program; Commodity Compliance Program; Construction-related Professional Services Program; Financial and Professional Services Diversity Programs.

Questions/Need more information?

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