Help Wanted: Mayor Walsh And County Executive McMahon ask Employers to Join City-County Summer Youth Employment Program

Employers can receive full funding for jobs that are remote, on-site or both. Amanuel Yohannes of the Northside Learning Center, speaks to assembled crowd about merits of the summer employment program.

Syracuse, N.Y. – As the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh and Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon today asked employers to help local young people get back on their feet. Through the City-County Summer Youth Employment Program, the Mayor and County Executive are offering public and private sector businesses funding and resources to provide teenagers and young adults with jobs and valuable experience this summer.

On Friday May 14th participants gathered at CNY Uniforms operated by Tai Ngo Shaw, a Vietnamese immigrant to promote the Summer Youth Program in the City of Syracuse and Onondaga County. “I’m encouraged. We’re trying to teach them how to be ready for the future. They’re in high school and they need our guidance. It’s important to businesses to open up to all youth, especially the new Americans. Here on the Northside many businesses and people do not understand this program.”  Mr. Shaw is encouraging businesses to get involved with the program through CNY Works, city of Syracuse, and On Point for College. “This is an awesome program; all businesses should participate.”

Greg Michael, from OnPoint for College described the program and benefits to the community as he introduced various members on the dais for the event.

Another participant was Amanuel Yohannes “I have been working with the Northside Learning Center, through CNY Works, I’ve been an intern through OnPoint for College. It was helpful for me helped financially and to prepare for future jobs. And for me to stay out of bad things, so I’d like to encourage businesses to get involved with this program, through CNY Works.”

County Executive J. Ryan McMahon said, “I’d like to thank the Mayor, when he became Mayor, he consolidated the employment programs…Part of recovery, we need the business community to step up. We need the business community to take advantage of the program. I’m encouraging all businesses to get involved with this program.

Prior to the pandemic, Onondaga County and the City of Syracuse had grown the number of young people participating in the City-County Summer Youth Employment program to more than 1,200.  COVID-19 conditions last summer put most youth hiring on hold.  The County and the City are working to get the program back on track, but currently face a shortfall of worksites and hundreds of jobs.

“COVID restrictions have had a devastating impact on our youth.  They need our help this summer,” said Mayor Walsh. “We’re asking employers in the public and private sector to join the Summer Youth Employment program now and provide working experience and opportunities to our teenagers and young adults this summer.  A summer job can change the trajectory of a young person’s life and set them on a path to success.”

“It’s a win-win for employers and the community.  Through the assistance of New York State, we have funding available to help employers pay for these positions, and our youth gain invaluable skills,” County Executive McMahon, continues, “All of us have been worried about the short and long-term impact of the pandemic on our young people.  This is a way to help them have a more productive summer and prepare for a successful future.”

Employment sites can hire young people between the ages of 16-20 to work on-site, remotely or a combination of both. Employer costs to hire young adults for these summer work experiences can be fully funded through this city and county partnership. All payroll and related costs, including employment preparation requirements for these short-term, temporary paid work experiences will be managed by CNY Works.  Participants must live in Syracuse and Onondaga County and must meet income eligibility requirements.

For more employer information or to participate in the program, contact: CNY Works Workforce Manager, Amy Stage via telephone (315-477-6937) or e-mail