How does COVID-19 work and how can we stop it?

Why is COVID-19 mild in some individuals and deadly in others? How does the virus affect so many different systems in the body, causing respiratory, neurological and cardiovascular symptoms?

On Nov. 19, Syracuse University BioInspired Institute researchers will be putting their expertise areas to work to understand how COVID-19 infects human cells, the first step in learning what treatments may be effective in stopping it.

We will bring you into the labs of some of BioInspired’s top scientists, who will share how they are working against the virus and how their discoveries may lead to improved understanding of existing therapies and for the development of new antiviral drugs.

To learn more and to register to attend the virtual presentation, click here.

BioInspired Syracuse supports research into complex biological systems, developing and designing programmable smart materials to address global challenges in health, medicine and materials innovation. It is an Institute for Material and Living Systems, focusing on four key areas: drug discovery, smart materials, form and function and development and disease. BioInspired involves faculty from across Syracuse University including life sciences, engineering, physics and chemistry.