If You Can’t Enforce the Rules: Shut it Down

This is not shouting fire in a crowded building; this is about COVID-19 a serious pandemic that has taken 204 lives of our neighbors and friends. At first, I assumed it was an off-campus party and university officials can’t “monitor” their students 24/7 they’re young adults. However, when you can see tents and the fuzzy backdrop of Syracuse University’s Quad, more questions are raised.

The Syracuse University Quad is one of the most camera covered areas on campus. As university officials state “The Department of Public Safety is reviewing security camera video from the Quad, and individuals that can be identified will be immediately referred to the student conduct process.” They are planning on “reviewing the video”, what happened when security learned there was a large gathering on campus? When was it learned and did the university do anything to shut down the party? This was in the center of campus, not some fringe fraternity somewhere on a side street.

SU Party on the Quad.Chris Hippensteel video

This action has placed a question mark as to whether Syracuse University can handle on-campus learning without become the source of an outbreak.  Students were well briefed prior to their arrival to Syracuse. Procedures were in place, if followed you would not be reading this.

This event occurred in heart of the university, teeming with activity during good weather, between classes, a site for outdoor concerts and a variety of gatherings.

Those of us living in Syracuse and Onondaga County have worked hard to reduce our COVID-19 rate of infection. With hundreds of Syracuse University students refusing to follow Onondaga County health Department and Syracuse University rules, we are now all at increased risk of community-wide spread due to irresponsible behavior.  That irresponsible behavior is not limited to Syracuse University Students. If You Can’t Enforce the Rules: Shut it Down