In First TV Ad, Congressman Katko Runs From His Record Of Voting 90% With Trump, Even When It Hurts New York

Syracuse, NY – Just two weeks after standing beside Vice President Mike Pence at a pair of fundraisers, congressman John Katko is desperately trying to distance himself from the Trump Administration in the first ad of his re-election campaign.

But according to the non-partisan, Katko has voted almost 90% with Donald Trump. He aligns with himself with the Trump agenda even when it harms central and western New Yorkers.

Dana Balter, the Democratic nominee in the 24th District, said,“Representative Katko promised he wouldn’t repeal the ACA without a replacement. But he voted for the Trump tax bill that guts the ACA. As a direct result of his vote, our premiums are skyrocketing. Here in central and western New York, one of our largest insurers requested a 36% premium increase.  And now people with pre-existing conditions are at risk — that’s not just cancer and diabetes but people with asthma even pregnant women. In our district, it’s more than 296,000 adults under 65.”