Invitation to Bid MWBE’s/Onondaga Community College’s Ferrante Hall Entrance Improvements

We are submitting a bid for Onondaga Community College’s Ferrante Hall Entrance Improvements Project in Syracuse, NY. Our firm is currently soliciting bid quotations/proposals from Onondaga County certified M/WBE firms for any tasks of the work contained in this contract.

The project scopes include the following:

Division 2- Site Demolition; Division 3– Concrete; Division 26- Electrical; Division 31– Earthwork; Division 32– Exterior Improvements; Division 33- Utilities

Specifications are attached to the following e-mail. If you are interested in participation on this project, please complete and submit your proposal/bid no later than Wednesday May 10th at 3:00 pm.

All bidders are responsible for reviewing the plans and specifications in their entirety, paying particular attention to the special conditions and all addenda. Every subcontractor must have the following insurance coverage and meet the requirements (unless the project requires additional):

  • General Liability $1,000,000 Project Specific
  • Auto Liability $1,000,000 (Covering any auto, hired and non-owned autos)
  • Excess Liability $1,000,000 (Each Occurrence)
  • Workers Comp. Statutory Limits
  • Insurance must list C&S Technical Resources, Inc. as additional insured on a primary basis.

For questions on this bid please contact Assistant Project Manager Jake Obrist at (315) 703-4280 or