Is Your Year a Trick or Treat: It’s no Joke-It’s scary!

Many people celebrate Halloween in various ways. Some families and organizations engage the children (adults enjoying it as well) in many positive activities. Many of these include going “trick or treating”, meeting other families, developing social skills, in-door parties, instilling safety values, sharing cards and candy, a night out or sleep-overs, and numerous “fun” activities with costumes, role-models, music, arts and crafts, and so much more. There are so many activities for reflection at this time.

Why do I say, “It’s no joke/Its scary! Let us transition our thoughts and reasoning.

The month of October has passed; it is now November, December soon to come…..then “A New Year”. Scary and jittery thoughts came to my mind (you might share the same feeling).

Oops! I have not fulfilled the last year’s resolutions by vowing to do certain things. As the next year comes in a couple of months, I will be checking my list and checking it twice to see what “I forgot to do”.  That’s scary! But wait!  I can redeem my guilt by using the next couple of months to get busy. Then, when 2019 rolls around, I can say what i achieved.  Don’t be scared! The trick is that we often get busy and side-tracked, and simply forget.  Help! What can I do?

Things to do before 2019 (you only have a couple of months)

  • First, reflect and evaluate what you resolved last year (Do a check list)
  • Do an Express List during the time that you have left in 2018 hints:Read books, try something new, do a community service, create and share with others, show love to friends and adults, and reflect on positive things.
  • Do not Fear! Release the Stress! Make up for that which was left un-done
  • Move Forward! Don’t be distracted! Don’ let your mind trick you! Let it Treat you!
  • Make a Proposed-New Year Resolution (Add those things that you will be able to accomplish.

Here comes 2019 and Beyond!

Now! I haven’t been “Tricked”, and I discovered within myself that it was “treat”, and that I have time to pick up where I left off. November is Thanksgiving-Be thankful! Christmas is coming soon! Santa will check his list twice.

Thought! When life serves you lemons..make lemonade! The Trick was a Treat!