Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney Will Resign to Become Chief Operating Officer at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Syracuse, NY – “For the last eleven years, it has been my honor and pleasure to serve as Onondaga County Executive.  Today, I’m here to announce that I intend to continue serving our Central New York community in a different capacity. I’ve accepted a job as Chief Operating Officer at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and I will also serve as a special assistant to SUNY administration on matters relating to SUNY Upstate.

SUNY is the largest employer in CNY and is undergoing transition. Our local economy is tremendously impacted by SUNY and I look forward to working with Chancellor Kristina Johnson and her staff and Dr. David Amberg and his team at ESF to help maximize the benefit of these institutions. I am grateful to Dr. Johnson for her faith in me as I take on this new role with SUNY.

This is not a decision that I made lightly. Serving as Onondaga County Executive is the greatest job and the highest honor I have had.  I am aware however, that no one is irreplaceable and we can also be served by a fresh perspective and a new set of eyes in the County Executive’s Office.

This new job with SUNY is the best of both worlds. It provides me with a new opportunity and still allows me to continue to serve our community.  I will be leaving the County in a good position; our finances are strong, our infrastructure is in good working order, Onondaga Lake is thriving and we have the best workforce you will find anywhere.

The Onondaga County Legislature is currently considering my budget proposal and it is my intention to fulfill my duties by staying in office until after the budget is passed in October.

In the meantime, the Legislature can appoint a successor to finish my term. There will not be any special election. The election for County Executive will be next year—the same as it would have been under any circumstances.

In the event that the Legislature does not choose a successor, the County Charter and Administrative Code dictate that the Deputy County Executive, Bill Fisher would finish my term.

I will be here for a few more weeks and will be available to help with a transition.

I want to thank my family for their support of me always. I want to thank the men and women who make county government work every day. And I want to thank the residents of Onondaga County for having given me the honor and privilege of serving them as County Executive.”