John Katko Makes Third Appearance with High-Ranking Trump Official in Four Weeks

Syracuse, NY – In another “closed to the public” meeting, Congressman John Katko is hosting Senior White House Advisor Ivanka Trump in Syracuse today.

Trump’s visit marks the third Administration event thanking the vulnerable Katko for his support in just four weeks, following twin fundraisers with Vice President Pence in Washington and Syracuse. The visit ironically comes just days after Katko began airing a TV ad boasting about his independence.

Dana Balter, the Democratic nominee for Congress, said,

Dana Balter

“Congressman Katko is literally standing with the Trump administration yet again. This is his reward for supporting Donald Trump’s agenda—he votes with the president 90% of the time and the Vice President and First Daughter come to town as a thank you.”

While Katko tries to position himself as moderate, his record on key issues is anything but.

– Katko voted for Trump’s tax bill that adds $1.9 trillion to the deficit and will cause more than 800,000 New Yorkers to lose their health insurance.

– Katko co-sponsored the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which local and state law enforcement say would allow people to skirt local laws and bring more weapons into the community.

– Katko’s so-called “compromise” immigration bill failed badly on the House floor and attracted no Democratic votes. It would have done nothing to reunite families ripped apart at the border.

– And while Katko is visiting a Syracuse public school today, he has been silent as the Trump administration rolls back protections for students of color, students with disabilities, and student victims of sexual assault.

During his visit to central New York in late June, Vice President Mike Pence made the connection clear, saying: “I want to personally thank Congressman John Katko for taking the principles President Donald Trump articulated in his State of the Union address and helping to [draft] them into legislation.”