Joint Statement Grassroots Coalition for NY24

We, as members of a coalition of grassroots groups from all corners of the 24th Congressional District, underwent extensive endorsement processes to find the best candidate earlier this year. From questionnaires, to forums, to one-on-one meetings, we worked diligently to find the best candidate to take on John Katko in November. And we all reached the same conclusion: Dana Balter is our unanimous choice. Dana exemplifies the passion, knowledge, experience, and connection with communities that make her an outstanding candidate for Congress.

We are working extremely hard to support Dana. We have held house parties to introduce her to our friends. Our members have opened their living rooms for dozens of small meetings where we have shared our ideas for Central New York. Hundreds of us have hit the pavement to gather petitions to get her on the ballot.

Now, in the last week of petitioning, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has come in from Washington to tell us we do not matter. Right now, they are paying people to pass petitions to get their handpicked candidate on the ballot. The DCCC is imposing its priorities and decisions on local residents. Instead of fostering a collaborative relationship with grassroots organizations, they are using their funds to erase our work.

At this crucial time in our country, the threat of Donald Trump and his unhinged Republican majority looms too large to rely on the same old tricks. We must be united, and we must work together. The DCCC has promised to focus on grassroots strength and to listen to people who live in districts. We call on the DCCC to honor their commitments, stop their activities immediately, and instead join all of us in our support of Dana Balter.


  • Marthe Reed, Indivisible NY24
  • Jonah Minkoff-Zern, Indivisible NY24
  • Thomas M. Keck, Indivisible NY24
  • Mary Jensen, Indivisible Salt City
  • Janice Grieshaber Geddes, Voices of Women, CNY
  • Maurice Brown, Uplift Syracuse
  • Elaine Denton, Indivisible NY24
  • Jessica Bumpus, Indivisible Syracuse
  • Michael Kalish, concerned citizen, Syracuse
  • Jesse Nissim, concerned citizen, Syracuse
  • Rebecca Fuentes, community organizer, Syracuse
  • Sue Eiholzer, Indivisible Salt City
  • Andra Leimanis, concerned citizen, Syracuse
  • Marshall Blake, Knit the 24th
  • SU College Democrats
  • Heather Allison Waters, concerned citizen, Fayetteville
  • Fred Ringwald, We the People of Oswego Indivisible
  • Patricia Familo, We the People of Oswego Indivisible
  • John Familio, We the People of Oswego Indivisible
  • Mickey Belosi, Indivisible Cayuga
  • Jim Brady, Indivisible Cayuga
  • Janet Reohr, Indivisible Cayuga
  • Rochelle Nestlerode, Indivisible Cayuga
  • Silvia Giannelli Macor, Uplift Syracuse, Women’s March on Washington, CNY
  • Donna Alexander, Citizens’ Response Network of Wayne County
  • Debbi Napolitano, Citizens’ Response Network of Wayne County
  • Bill Bishop, Citizens’ Response Network of Wayne County
  • Morris Owen, Citizens’ Response Network of Wayne County
  • Tricia Owen, Citizens’ Response Network of Wayne County
  • A.T. Miller, Our Revolution Cayuga County
  • Judy Tarrants, Indivisible NY24
  • Ann Schauman, Citizen’s Response Network of Wayne County, Macedon Democrats
  • Kayla Kelechian, concerned citizen, Syracuse
  • David Driesen, Indivisible NY24
  • Sharon Goodfellow, Indivisible NY24