Juanita Perez Williams Wins Democratic Nomination for Syracuse Mayor

Decisive win for the political newcomer with 54 % of the vote
Analysis of the Mayoral Primary Election Results

Juanita Perez Williams Wins Democratic Nomination for Syracuse Mayor, staging a dramatic upset against a seasoned veteran. The campaign getting an early start, armed with a campaign staff that was working, positioning Ms. Williams for this historic run for elected office. If elected she’ll become the first Latina mayor of one of five big cities in New York State.

The Williams campaign sent the first press releases, along with relentless visits to people and groups of interest around this 25 square mile city. Undaunted by the naysayers who placed her initial chances at zero Williams convinced people that Syracuse was ready for change. It first appeared in the Spectrum Poll where the race was in a virtual dead heat.After a comment made at a debate about police staffing, the Nicoletti commercial was unveiled accusing Williams of being light on crime.

This caused some who were previously with Nicoletti to look at Williams as the alternative. An alternative candidate, that wasn’t pushing for an increased police presence. This could have been a play for older voters who are always in favor of more police. However, given the relationship challenges that exist between Law Enforcement and the minority community, the move alienated what was once Nicoletti’s core constituency, the African-American Community.

Juanita moved seamlessly between community groups and voters campaigning on the platform of competent leadership. Her successes in both the military and in various appointed positions convinced Syracuse voters in the primary Election that she’s going to make wholesale changes in the way this city operates. She also released a campaign document stating what she will do as Mayor of Syracuse, a bold move that appeared to be written off by her competitors.

Whether it’s a Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today (TNT) meeting or a forum with dozens of people Ms. Williams, with military precision zeroed in on what many Syracuse residents have been murmuring for years. People voted for drastic change in how the city of Syracuse is run, moving forward from the Miner years and yearning for the basics to work in the city as they once did.

Some attempted to cast dispersions on her by stating that she was, “hard to work with” a term usually reserved for competent women that work hard with intense passion. The voters rejected the murmurs and doubters and selected Juanita Perez Williams as their candidate for Mayor of Syracuse in the General Election.

Laura Lavine

Ben Walsh

The general election will be a four-way race between Laura Lavine (Republican), Howie Hawkins (Green), Ben Walsh (Reform, Upstate Jobs) and the winner of the three-way Democratic primary, Juanita Perez Williams.

The X-Factor in this 2017 campaign is Ben Walsh, a well-funded Independent; can he break the cycle of two major parties dominating the electoral process? With a grandfather who was Syracuse Mayor and a father who was our U.S. Congressman, will the family legacy and hefty campaign fund help people find a name far down the ballot?

Howie Hawkins

These questions and more will be answered on November 7th, 2017 when Syracuse elects its next Mayor.

The following are unofficial results for campaigns of interest to our readers from the September 12th Primary Election. The results must be certified by the Onondaga County Board of Elections

Results in Syracuse Democratic Primary for Mayor

Democratic Party
Candidate Votes Percent
Juanita Perez Williams 4204 54.4%
Joe Nicoletti 2740 35.5%
Martin D. Masterpole 785 10.2%


Independence Party
Candidate Votes Percent
Laura B. Lavine 78 31.3%
Write In 171 68.7%


Reform Party
Candidate Votes Percent
Benjamin R. Walsh 416 82.4%
Write In 89 17.6%


Syracuse city court judge (vote for 3)

Democratic Party
Candidate Votes Percent
Vanessa E. Bogan 5822 31.1%
Frank B. Pelosi 2959 15.8%
James H. Cecile 4754 25.4%
Derrek T. Thomas 5160 27.6%


Women’s Equality Party
Candidate Votes Percent
Derrek T. Thomas 0
James H. Cecile 0
Vanessa E. Bogan 0
Frank B. Pelosi 0


Reform Party
Candidate Votes Percent
James H. Cecile 299 28.6%
Derrek T. Thomas 231 22.1%
Jason B. Zeigler 98 9.4%
Vanessa E. Bogan 252 24.1%
Frank B. Pelosi 166 15.9%

Syracuse councilor, 4th District

Democratic Party
Candidate Votes Percent
Latoya Allen 943 58.4%
Christopher Montgomery 167 10.3%
Michael Greene 506 31.3%