Jubilee Homes and Lyft Work together on Vaccine Access Transportation

Announcing the partnership between community organization Jubilee Homes of Syracuse and Lyft to expand vaccine transportation access to Black and brown populations in the upstate region with discounted ride-share codes provided this month for up to 100 rides for Syracuse residents. Since the state lowered the eligibility age for the vaccine from 65 to 60 and added new groups of eligible employees, including front-facing government and nonprofit workers—partnerships like this one make it easier for high need individuals to get to their vaccine location in a safe and reliable way. Walt Dixie, Executive Director, Jubilee Homes of Syracuse is available for comment.

“We hear so many stories about the need to not only educate families on the efficacy of the vaccine but also to increase more avenues to get vulnerable families safely to vaccine sites,” said Walt Dixie, Executive Director, Jubilee Homes of Syracuse. “In the grand scheme of things, this partnership is about making it easier for families to get vaccinated and expanding access to those who would not have the wherewithal or knowledge to get the vaccine quickly enough to curb the spread. We are grateful to Lyft and hope more organizations provide assistance to those most vulnerable to ensure more lives are not lost as we race to put an end to this pandemic.”

Jubilee Homes will be working in conjunction with Onondaga County and the City of Syracuse on this initiative. For more information contact Walt Dixie at Jubilee Homes 315-428-0070.