Jubilee Homes of Syracuse in Partnership with Pathfinders Bank Has Job Fair for S.H.A. Tenants June 1st

Build to Work (B2W) is hosting a Job Fair June 1st at Toomey Abbott Towers, 1207 Almond Street, Syracuse The event will take place between 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., and multiple businesses will be represented at this event sponsored by Pathfinder Bank.

Calvin L. Corridors, Regional President of Pathfinder Bank will be the special guest. It’s especially important to Corridors who proudly talks about his roots in Public Housing. This event is sort of a homecoming for Corridors; returning with opportunity and a little advice for some who may find themselves emerging from similar conditions.

Participants are encouraged to bring a resume. If you need a resume on May 31st between noon- 4 p.m., at Pioneer Homes Coffee House they’ll help. For more information contact Twiggy Billue or Ebony Farrow 315-428-0070


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