July 14 COVID-19 Update: Onondaga County Remains Vigilant, as New York State named New York the most responsible state in fighting COVID-19

As New York State appears to have bent the curve, many remaining states are experiencing a tsunami of new COVID-19 cases. Word from public health experts continues to be, “Wear A Mask”.  We have had no deaths in hospitals since Monday. Total neighbors lost for the county related to COVID-19 remains at 191. Meanwhile, an national organization has named New York State as “Most Responsible State in Fighting COVID-19

Testing and New Cases: Since Monday, we received back 2,190 tests for Onondaga County, our region reported 3,068 tests results.

Hospitalizations:48 individuals are hospitalized, same as yesterday, of these, 26 are from one memory care facility

We know that at least 22 of the total patients are ready to return to a senior living facility pending a negative test, leaving our actual number of those currently needing treatment for COVID at under 15.

4 are critical, down 1, of the hospitalized:

  • 38 are Caucasian
  • 6 are African American
  • 1 are other race
  • 3 we do not have their demographics

Overall Statistics

We have 3,041 positive cases, up 17 since Monday, of the 17 cases:

  • 3 are from a household contacts of previously confirmed cases
  • 5 are from our new cases are affiliated with senior or congregate living facilities
  • 0 are travel acquired
  • 2 are of unknown origin
  • 7 from community transmission (Of the 7 community transmission, we know the source for 2 )

We are presently monitoring 270 active cases, down 18 since yesterday; 2,585 people have recovered, up 35 since yesterday

From the total cases:

1,782 are female and 1,257 are male, 2 unknown

  • 211 are under 19,
  • 550 in their 20’s,
  • 411 in their 30’s,
  • 366 in their 40’s,
  • 459 in their 50’s,
  • 363 in their 60’s,
  • 279 in their 70’s,
  • 249 in their 80’s,
  • 153 in their 90’s

Statistics are provided by Onondaga County

Onondaga County COVID-19 Resource Numbers