June is National Black Music Month: Music Plays and Important Role in the Lives of Individuals!

June is National Black Music Month- Celebrate the Legacy

Summer Enrichment Programs! Enhance your lives with music.  Research and studies have proven that there are many rewarding benefits that may be gained from music.  First of all, music and arts programs are connected with other disciplines such as science, math, social studies, technology, reading, brain-power, life-long learning, engineering, physics, health and wellness, and the list goes on.  Try it- you will see.

Music is important to children and early childhood as they develop brain-power, social skills, and connection to other subjects. The studies trace music as one of the powerful tools for learning.  Music throughout life can enhance living through music therapy, self awareness, creativity, career development and wholesome living.  Imagine what life would be like without music.  It is more than a song or dance! It’s a way of life.

With summer just around the corner, why not include music experiences. There are many advantages out there.  Learn to play an instrument, sing your way through stress filled moments, meditate on songs, listen, dance and move to the beat, relax, get actively involved with music in the community and use those creative genes.

Joan Hillsman’s Music Network, Inc. (JHMN) will hold sessions/classes and community activities throughout the summer and beyond.  Enroll, inquire and get involved. Dr. Joan Hillsman is a certified music educator with decades of professional administration, and has received prominent recognition consultant awards across the country. Her community accolades in the Syracuse area includes at least ten (10) prominent awards since relocating to our area.

Enroll and inquire about Summer Enrichment 2019 activities. The  organization networks across the city, providing training, and music performance techniques for all ages. Summer sessions are forming. Space is limited. Sessions in piano, vocal, gospel techniques, developing leadership techniques sessions are available beginning June 13, 2019. Enrollment information via Email – jhillsman@twcny.rr.com

Special Event! Fundraiser! Please support the JHMN Annual Scholarship Breakfast, Saturday, June 15, 2019 at Crowne Plaza Hotel, 701 E. Genesee Street, 8:30Am- 11:30 AM. All You Can Eat Buffet, Free Parking – Tickets Available. Contact Dr. Hillsman at 315-373-0805, or email for reservations. Thank you for your support.

Editors Note: There are a variety of programs available for the summer. Check this site and others with announcements about summer activities. CFAC are among several organizations that have camps for a variety of art, crafts and/or music.