Katko Calls On Balter to Stand Up For Border Security

Syracuse, New York – Congressman John Katko released the following statement:

“Our country is a nation of immigrants.  We have always helped those fleeing oppression, violence, and prejudice. Central New York is home to thousands of refugees who strengthen our local economy and make our community a better place.

“While I sympathize with people seeking a better life in the United States, we must secure our borders and enforce our laws.  As Central American migrants make their way towards our southern border intent on entering this nation illegally, our immigration laws cannot be disregarded.

“Before coming to Congress, I served as a federal prosecutor on the Southern Border in El Paso, Texas, and on our Northern Border here in New York.  Border security is essential to both ensure the safety of our nation, and to keep drug and human traffickers from entering our country.  If these individuals enter our country illegally now, it will wreak havoc on an already broken immigration system and pave the way for tremendous abuse going forward by drug and human traffickers.

“Dana Balter, who recently stood with her CNY Solidarity Coalition in calling for ICE to be dismantled, needs to let Central New Yorkers know where she stands now.  This federal law enforcement organization is tasked with investigating human trafficking, drug trafficking, child exploitation and international crime.

“There is no question we need comprehensive immigration reform – but my opponent’s dangerous position will put our nation and our community at risk.”