Key Bank Foundation Awards Jubilee Homes $100,000 for Build to Work Program

Unique Award – Funds allocated to assist Veterans and those who have been incarcerated

The Key Bank Foundation has awarded Jubilee Homes Build to Work program $100,000 towards their successful Build to Work Program.

According to Matthew Pitts, Communication Director for Key Bank of Central and Western New York, “We are announcing that the Key Bank Foundation; we are giving $100,000 to Jubilee Homes for their Build to work program, which is a really, really great program that gives job training and life training to individuals who need it. They provide a vital service to this community. We are just thrilled to be part of this event to help Jubilee Homes with the good work that they do, especially with the Build to Work Program. This $100,000 that we are donating, what it’s going to go to, with regard to the build to Work Program, it will specifically help individuals who are veterans and individuals who were formerly incarcerated.

These are two segments of the population that may have some extra difficulty when it comes to finding work. This is a testament to the work that Jubilee Homes does through Build to work we think this is a great program, especially given their focus on Veterans and also on people who were at one time incarcerated. We really think that this is going to be a great thing for the community and that’s why we’re so proud to support it. That’s what makes this unique.”

More information about the program will be posted as it becomes available.