Key to end of Summer Happiness? Volunteering for the Block Blitz!

Really! And sealing driveways and painting fences increases happiness even more! Look at how happy these Pathfinder Bank folks are in this photo! It’s all because they sponsored a team for Home HeadQuarters’ Annual Block Blitz: a one-day, rain or shine event where more than 300 people come out to help make repairs and clean up properties in a city of Syracuse neighborhood. This year’s event is on Friday, September 13 (it’s going to be lucky!) from 9am-3pm and is right in our very own backyard on Syracuse’s Westside.

Want to sponsor a volunteer team? Want to see a map of this year’s Block Blitz area? Want to donate some plants, paint, mulch, cupcakes? Know someone who lives in the neighborhood and could use some free work? Visit our Block Blitz page on our website for all of this and more