Light the Night 315: August’s Silent March for Wellness, Unity & Restoration of Syracuse, NY

In August 2015, Light the Night 315 will continue their mission to cover each side of the City of Syracuse to, “walk in the spirit of wellness.”  This march is according to their statement, “To focus our thoughts on positivity! We must project positivity into in to our community in order to change our environment!!!!”

The group acknowledges that, “marching alone doesn’t end the violence in our community but UNITY WILL!!! Take the first step!!!”

They’re asking people to reserve, Monday August 3, for a march on the West Side the route will be announced at a later date.  On August 10th their efforts shift to the North Side of the city. Both events are scheduled to begin at 6:30pm.

Light the Night 315 event organizers are Desiree Odom, Victoria Coit, Rashawn Sullivan and Vanessa Campbell  who all insist, “This is not a typical anti-violence march, but a march for positivity, restoration and HEALING! The purpose of the upcoming walks is to begin to engage, unite and restore the community of Syracuse, NY.”

Photo by Joel Rinne