Local Businesses Stage comeback in City Neighborhoods

As you walk or drive through our various Syracuse neighborhood centers you might notice growth in the number of new small locally owned businesses. At one time Syracuse had one continuous stretch of retail from the southern city line to Hancock International Airport.

That’s old news as we can now see tangible proof of resurgence as these entrepreneurs set up shop some in structures that haven’t seen retail traffic in a generation. Click on https://www.urbancny.com/black_business/Check back to this page periodically as we provide an ongoing list of businesses in our “Business News” section on this page.

At Urban CNY and urbancny.com we are reaching out to your business we’d like to post your business and or service you provide on our site. You may get noticed as we begin a revision that will allow us to continue urbancny.com as a source for news and discovery of new and interesting places to go where you can find that service available, perhaps right in your local Neighborhood Commercial Center.