Mayor Stephanie A. Miner Attacks President Trump’s Proposed Federal Budget

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Mayor Stephanie A. Miner issued this statement following the release of President Donald Trump’s budget proposal.

“The President’s budget proposal shows a willful failure to understand economics and a lack of regard for Americans in need. Assuming an unlikely three percent growth rate based on policies they hope to enact, they have made drastic cuts to the programs which give millions of Americans – including thousands in the city of Syracuse – economic security. The proposed cuts to Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and the Earned Income Tax Credit could plunge millions of families into poverty and, for those already struggling, make it even harder to break the generational cycle of poverty.

“We need a federal government with a focused urban agenda which can lift families out of poverty and provide a strong safety net for everyone. These cuts are cruel, disingenuous, and bad economics.”