Mayor Walsh Issues Snow Safety Alert

Syracuse, N.Y. – With snow falling and conditions expected to worsen as the day goes on, Mayor Ben Walsh issued a Snow Safety Alert in the city of Syracuse.

The Mayor said the Department of Public Works, with assistance from the Parks and Recreation Department, is out in full force clearing snow from roads. He called on all staff at all city properties to ensure sidewalks are kept as clear as possible during the snow and cleaned up quickly when the snow ends.

The Snow Safety Alert provides three important reminders to city residents to help keep roads and sidewalks passable:


  1. Observe alternate side parking rules and park cars off street whenever possible. DPW plows need to be able to access streets to be able to clear them. Syracuse Police will again be ticketing and towing vehicles that are illegally parked.


  1. Property owners are required to clear snow from sidewalks on their properties. Keeping sidewalks as clear as possible during the storm and cleaned up immediately after the snow ends allows pedestrians to stay off roads.


  1. Report problem areas on the Snow Safety Tracker on CityLine. Residents can report locations where sidewalks are un-shoveled and where vehicles parked on the street will make it difficult for snow plows to pass. Data collected will help the city develop long-term solutions for a more targeted response.

“This is an extremely wet and heavy snow,” said Mayor Walsh. “People need to be careful as they handle snow. I’d also ask all able bodied residents to reach out and help their neighbors. This is another weather event that, if we pull together and help each other, we can get through it better.”

City residents can also call Cityline at (315)448-2489.