Mayoral Candidate Janet Burman’s Statement Regarding Skyline Murder

Another elderly citizen has been murdered in our community. We do not yet know the motives and specific circumstances surrounding her murder, but some implications are clear.

First: The drastic cuts to the Syracuse Police Department budget have left the force significantly understaffed, both in terms of the number of officers and in their overtime capability.  This has resulted in reduced response times and reduced investigative resources. I call upon the Mayor and Common Council to restore the necessary funding to the Police Department.

Second: The reported drug dealing in the Skyline is evidence that this is not a safe environment for residents.  The elderly, long-time residents are vulnerable to robbery and serious harassment.  The newer residents who are coming out of drug rehabilitation programs are facing circumstances that drastically threaten their recovery.

Third: The lack of safe affordable housing remains a significant problem in our community.  This is a problem that can be solved only through a monumental collaborative effort on the part of government, business, non-profit organizations and concerned citizens.  As Mayor, I will unite Syracuse and lead the efforts to create collaborations that can successfully address this problem.