Miner Announces 24-Hour Presence for Cityline, Syracuse’s Customer Service Hotline, Enabling the Public to Report Service Concerns by Phone, Online, and on Twitter

CityLine Can Now Be Accessed at CityLine.Srygov.Net as well as on Twitter @SyrCityLine

Miner: I Am Proud We Are a Twenty First Century City Capable of Engaging with Citizens on the Platforms They Use Most

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Mayor Stephanie A. Miner announced today new ways for citizens to connect and report service issues to the City of Syracuse 24 hours a day. CityLine, the longstanding City hotline by which residents have called in issues ranging from potholes to litter, has been expanded to include a web portal, located at cityline.syrgov.net and also a Twitter account, @SYRCityLine.

“Advancements in technology have enabled us to be an even more responsive City government. I am proud that we are a twenty first century City capable of engaging with citizens on the platforms they use most,” said Syracuse Mayor Stephanie A. Miner. “I encourage all Syracuse residents to reach out to us using the new CityLine platforms whenever they see an issue requiring the City’s attention so we can resolve it as quickly as possible.”city line 3

The CityLine website, which Miner announced during her 2016 State of the City address, will allow users to directly input issues into the City’s IPS system, which is directly reviewed by departmental staff. It will also give users a tracking number, so they can monitor how their service issue is being addressed and follow up with the appropriate departments if they have any questions. The website is optimized for mobile devices so users can input information on the go, even uploading pictures.city line 2

The new CityLine Twitter page, @SYRCityLine, is monitored regularly from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. during weekdays and will be checked intermittently after hours and during weekends. It will also be used to quickly disseminate information about ongoing work taking place throughout the City, offering notifications about planned construction projects and emergency road closures.

These latest customer service upgrades were part of the work done by staff in the Mayor’s Office of Innovation, in partnership with the Department of Public Works, Department of Engineering, and Department of Water. Funded by a grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies’, the City’s i-team’s first area of research has been developing creative solutions to the infrastructure challenges facing the City of Syracuse.