Miner Calls on Centro to Preserve Night, Weekend Service

In Letter to CNYRTA Executive Director, Miner Cites Economic Importance of Public Transportation and Urges CNYRTA to Hold an Open Meeting Seeking Public Comment on the Proposal

Miner: I Urge Centro Not to Make Any Decision Without Talking to The Community

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Mayor Stephanie A. Miner has sent a letter to Frank Kobliski, Executive Director of the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority (CNYRTA) calling on them to prevent cuts to service proposed in their budget. In her letter, the Mayor urges the CNYRTA to hold a public meeting and inviting Centro users to comment.

“Public transportation is crucial to promoting economic development and ensuring job opportunities for all Syracusans,” said Syracuse Mayor Stephanie A. Miner. “I urge Centro not to make any decision without having heard from the constituents most adversely affected by their choices.”

Centro, the public bus system which serves the City of Syracuse, is governed by CNYRTA. They have proposed reducing their hours by eliminating bus service after 9:00 PM on weekdays, after 7:00 PM on Saturdays, and fully eliminating service on Sundays. In her letter, the Mayor cites the CenterState New York Agenda for Opportunity, a policy paper developed by the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program which emphasized the need to expand, not limit, public transportation as a key part of developing the region’s economy.

The Mayor’s full letter appears below.

Frank Kobliski
Executive Director, CNYRTA
200 Cortland Avenue
PO Box 820
Syracuse, NY 13205-0820

Dear Mr. Kobliski:

I read CNYRTA’s preliminary budget proposes eliminating all bus service after 9:00 PM on weekdays, 7:00 PM on Saturday, and all service on Sunday. While I certainly understand having to manage the consequences of rising healthcare and operational costs, altering the role of public transportation in this community is an unacceptable solution for these stresses.

Instead of expanding services to encourage economic growth at a time it is desperately needed, this proposal would drastically cut services, forcing the most vulnerable members of our community to find alternative ways to get to work. In this region, alternative modes of transportation can be difficult to come by and could ultimately form another barrier for people trying to keep or find a job. We must ensure members of our community who are willing to work have the ability to get to and from their jobs.

The Centerstate New York Agenda for Economic Opportunity acknowledges the important role transportation services have in our community by highlighting the need to “enhance transit services linking neighborhoods to job creators.” Maintaining the current bus schedule is an investment that is essential to the economic future of this region. I am in strong opposition to this proposal. I also urge you to hold a meeting open to the public to discuss the proposed changes and hear firsthand the adverse effect it will have on this community.


Stephanie A. Miner



CC:Hon. John A. DeFrancisco, NYS Senator
Hon. David J. Valesky, NYS Senator
Hon. William B. Magnarelli, NYS Assemblyman
Hon. Samuel D. Roberts, NYS Assemblyman
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