Miner Joins Building America’s Future, Coalition of Elected Officials Advocating for New Infrastrcutre Investment

Building America’s Future, Chaired by Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, and Former P.A. Governor Ed Rendell, is Made Up of a Bi-Partisan Group of Elected Officials Across the Nation


Miner: I’m Pleased to Join Over 150 Officials Who Know The Foundation to Economic Growth and a High Quality of Life Rests on Sustainable Infrastructure


SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Mayor Stephanie A. Miner announced today that she has joined Building America’s Future (BAF), a bi-partisan coalition of current and former elected officials advocating for increased investment in infrastructure. The coalition is chaired by former New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Former Illinois Representative and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, and former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell.

“I am pleased to be a member of Building America’s Future and joining over 150 of my colleagues throughout the country who know that the foundation to economic growth and a high quality of life rests on sustainable public infrastructure,” said Syracuse Mayor Stephanie A. Miner. “BAF has done impressive work, bringing elected officials from across the spectrum together over this common sense issue. I look forward to working with them as we tackle infrastructure challenges facing cities across the country.”

Mayor Miner testimony before the NYS Legislature regarding Infrastructure.

Mayor Miner testimony before the NYS Legislature regarding Infrastructure.

“We are pleased that Mayor Miner has joined BAF,” said BAF co-chair and former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. “Throughout her tenure as mayor, Stephanie Miner has exemplified what it means to be an innovative, forward-looking leader. We are excited for her to bring her ideas and experience to BAF, and partner with her in our quest to make America’s cities – and the whole country – more innovative and competitive through smart infrastructure investments.”

The City of Syracuse has wide-ranging infrastructure needs. In 2015 to date, the City has experienced 275 water main breaks. In 2014, the City had a record 391 water main breaks. The City’s unique water system takes water from Skaneateles Lake and, through a gravity-fed system, into the City of Syracuse. Owing to the natural purity of Skaneateles Lake, the City has a filtration waiver from the Environmental Protection Agency. It was built in the late 1800s and today continues to use cast-iron pipes from that era.

Additionally, the City of Syracuse spends only $3 million per year on road reconstruction. With over 400 miles of road running through Syracuse, the City is underspending by approximately half to keep pace with road reconstruction needs. It costs $1.5 million per mile of road reconstruction. It is estimated that a comprehensive road reconstruction program for the City of Syracuse would cost over $100 million.

Mayor Miner has made raising awareness of infrastructure issues a top priority of her administration. The Mayor has testified before the New York State Legislature and submitted testimony before the United States Senate detailing the needs of the City. The Mayor and local State Assembly Member Bill Magnarelli recently announced $10 million in funding for water infrastructure projects. The Mayor has also met with Members of Congress to discuss the City’s needs. Mayor Miner has attended the Clinton Global Initiative in Denver, Colorado to discuss solutions to state and local infrastructure issues.

The Mayor also secured a $1.5 million grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies to develop the first-ever Office of Innovation and she has tasked the newly-formed i-team with researching potential solutions to infrastructure issues.

BAF is made up of 155 current and former elected officials from across the United States who advocate for increased investment in the nation’s critical infrastructure systems.