Miner Joins “Imagine a Day Without Water” Campaign With Café Kubal

Customers at Café Kubal Locations Across Syracuse Received Cups With a “No Water, No Coffee” Sticker Reminding Them of the Importance of Water Infrastructure

Miner: It’s An Important Reminder of the Economic and Social Impact Clean Water Has on our Daily Lives

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Mayor Stephanie A. Miner on September 15th joined Matt Godard, Founder and CEO of Café Kubal at the Café Kubal Creekwalk Commons location to participate in “Imagine a Day Without Water.” Throughout the day, customers at Café Kubal locations received cups with stickers on them with the message of “No Water, No Coffee” and directing them to a new City webpage, www.syrgov.net/waterfacts, with information about the City’s water infrastructure and the economic importance of clean, NoWaterNoCoffeePodium.inddaffordable, accessible water sources.

“Imagining a day without water is a sobering exercise for hundreds of Syracuse families and businesses, including Café Kubal,” said Syracuse Mayor Stephanie A. Miner. “It is important to remind everyone in our community about the economic and social impact clean water has on our daily lives and how critical it is we maintain high-quality water infrastructure.”

“Water is a crucial element of great coffee and an essential element of life. For Cafe Kubal, imagining a day without water became a harsh reality earlier this summer when our Downtown location was forced to close down twice, due to a water main break nearby. With clean water and a reliable water source, our company can continue to thrive and serve locally roasted coffee to the people of Syracuse. Without water, there can be no coffee,” said Matt Godard, Founder/CEO of Café Kubal.

Radhika Fox, CEO of the US Water Alliance said: “Water infrastructure is often out of sight and out of mind, but the truth is, across the country our water infrastructure is aging and we can’t take it for granted. Now is the time to make the investments needed to modernize critical water systems. We are so proud to partner with Mayor Miner because Syracuse has become a national leader in proactively addressing water infrastructure issues. The rest of the nation will be looking to see what you did to strengthen your water system.”

Syracuse is partnering with Café Kubal for this year’s “Imagine a Day Without Water” observance. Throughout the day, customers at Café Kubal locations will receive a sticker on their cups with the message “No Water, No Coffee.” This slogan, a trademark of the American Water Works Association, is designed to remind consumers of the economic importance of water infrastructure. Without a large supply of clean, affordable water, local roasteries like Café Kubal would not be able to operate. The sticker includes a website, with a text link and QR code, which directs individuals to a new City webpage, www.syrgov.net/waterfacts.

Mayor Miner added: “Syracuse is uniquely positioned for economic growth with industries that require large amounts of affordable, clean water. Industries like coffee roasters, microbreweries, vineyards, and distilleries among others are key to our continued growth and development.”

Mayor Miner has made water infrastructure issues a hallmark of her administration. She has advocated for these issues on the statewide and national levels, delivering testimony in Albany and Washington on the importance of infrastructure funding and authoring opinion pieces on a variety of news platforms. The Mayor has also worked to address these issues within the City of Syracuse, most recently partnering with the University of Chicago’s Data Science for Social Good fellowship program to develop predictive analytics to determine which water mains are at the highest risk of breaking and scheduling preventative maintenance in accordance with “Dig Once” policies.

The American Water Works Association holds a trademark on the phrase “No Water, No Coffee.” Established in 1881, the American Water Works Association is the largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water, the world’s most important resource. With approximately 50,000 members, including the City of Syracuse, AWWA provides solutions to improve public health, protect the environment, strengthen the economy and enhance our quality of life.

The national “Imagine a Day Without Water” campaign is organized by the Value of Water coalition, a group of thirty water and wastewater providers, water-reliant businesses and policy organizations dedicated to educating and inspiring the nation about how water is essential and in need of investment. The Value of Water Coalition is coordinated by the US Water Alliance, a national non-profit dedicated to securing a sustainable water future for all.