Multiple Groups Mobilize as ‘CNY Against Racism” Challenge Representative Katko’s Stance on Race Issues

Syracuse, NY​- On Tuesday July 23, 2019 immigration advocates, impacted persons and allies will ​stand united as a community against racism.  The group in their statement said, “We will hold Representative John Katko accountable for his inaction, and we call on elected officials across the 24th district to stand up against attacks on immigrants, condemn racism and to engage in the systemic change needed to dismantle racism in our communities and in our government at all levels.”  Immigration advocates, directly affected communities, and allies are participating in this action.

Representative John Katko has responded being called a racist, with accusations of his own, these amount to a familiar refrain regarding statements representatives of color have made regarding U.S. policies under Trump, especially towards the Middle East.

Blaming both sides appears to be the response from Rep. Katko, which is similar to his response to the Charlottesville incident where he echoed the Presidents stance of blaming both sides.

The protest will take place between 12 PM – 1 PM at U.S. Rep Congressman John Katko’s office 440 S Warren St, Syracuse, New York 13202