Multiple Test Sites Have been added in Effort to Meet NYS Reopening Criteria: County Executive Ryan McMahon’s Daily Briefing – 5-12-20

Onondaga County Executive minced no words as he held another daily update on the COVID-19 crisis, as he said, “We need to be more vigilant. Looking at the other aspects of this virus, certainly we know that restart is critical to getting our economy going to help deal with some of the mental health challenges folks have had, being on the sidelines. To help get people back to work. We understand that there’s a high level of anxiety still with many.”

McMahon continues, “The way this restart is being done is data driven and gives us time to monitor the public health implications. We feel very comfortable with the plan that’s been rolled out by the state, with input from us. We’re very comfortable with our ability to participate in phase 1 now, with the infrastructure we’ve built up over this period of time.”

Sales Tax/Help from Washington

The second sales tax payment hit yesterday, reflecting the same time period as the shutdown we are now at -6.4% growth year over year. The county executive made the clarion call to those who are in Washington DC; we need assistance, as a large employer like Onondaga County, the cost of shutting down. Many decisions are being made in Washington that will impact local governments. A statement that could have been a question as McMahon said, “Imagine, if we didn’t have Dr. Indu Gupta and the Onondaga County Health Department.“

Regional Command Team had a call today. The state will allow the county to certify results of tests removing an obstacle that adds time to the results being accepted by New York State officials.

Testing is the key to opening Onondaga County’s economy as we are continuing our broad testing where anyone who wants a test can obtain one. Mobile testing will begin on Friday at the WIC parking lot at the old Nojaim’s, other sites include; East Syracuse Walmart parking lot, and WellNow Urgent Care.

Executive Order’s 1-K, 7-J, 6-L, 9-I have been extended. 6-L pertains to self-quarantine, 7-J Extension of closure of enclosed malls, pertains to 9-I

Death Toll

We’ve lost 4 individuals within the last 24 hours due to COVID-19, African American woman in her 70’s, Caucasian woman in her 60’s, Caucasian male in his 60’s, Caucasian male in his 80’s. This brings our community total of folks we’ve lost in hospitals to 55, overall, we’ve lost 79 neighbors to COVID-19.


County Executive Ryan McMahon’s Daily Briefing – 5-12-20

County Executive Ryan McMahon’s Daily Briefing






Onondaga County Executive’s Daily Snipit – 5-12-20

“If we want to get to phase 2 as quick as possible, best way to do it is do well in phase 1.”






“If we want to get to phase 2 as quick as possible, the best way to do it is do well in phase 1.”

Local Testing has been Expanded to include additional Locations 


Syracuse Community Health Center

Syracuse Community Health Center coronavirus testing site







Syracuse Community Health Center

  • Syracuse Community Health Center, 819 S. Salina St., Syracuse
  • Cost: Free for everyone
  • Reservation needed? No, drive ups allowed
  • Do you need symptoms? No
  • Type of test: Diagnostic test only
  • What to bring: Government ID and a health insurance card, if you have one
  • Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday thru Saturday (closed Sundays)


East Syracuse Walmart parking lot

East Syracuse Walmart parking lot

6438 Basile Rowe

  • Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday, May 12 and 13, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Starting May 15: Monday thru Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.
  • Cost: Free, but requires insurance
  • Reservation needed? Yes, via an online portal
  • Do you need symptoms? Yes, unless you’re a first responder, health care provider or in another at-risk group, such as being over 60 years old or a tobacco user.
  • Type of test: Diagnostic test only
  • What to bring: Government ID, insurance card and confirmation email


WellNow Urgent Care

WellNow Urgent Care

8003 Brewerton Road (Route 11), Cicero; 3841 Route 31, Clay; 7375 Oswego Road (Route 57), Liverpool; 6227 Thompson Road, DeWitt; 3504 W. Genesee St., Fairmount; 6870 E. Genesee St, Fayetteville; see all locations on map

  • Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Cost: Free, for those with insurance. For those without insurance, the cost is $150 for the diagnostic test and $100 for the antibody test, plus a site visit fee for either test.
  • Reservation needed? No, but wait times are posted online by location


COVID-19 by the Numbers – 5/12/20

COVID-19 Confirmed May 12 2020






  • 4 new deaths – 79 total
  • 1,425 total cases
  • 31 new cases
  • 600 active cases (+13)
  • 751 recovered cases (+14)
  • 54 hospitalized
  • 14 critical
  • 9 Household contacts
  • 11 senior living facilities
  • 11 Related to community spread
  • 1,596 Isolation or quarantine


Click HERE for COVID-19 Cases by Municipality.


  • 54 Hospitalized
  • 14 critical condition
  • 38 Caucasian
  • 11 African American
  • 3 another race
  • 2 unknown/declined to share data
  • 176 released from the hospital


Confirmed cases by gender and age:

  • 837 are female, 588 are male;
  •   47 are under 19;
  • 233 are in their 20s;
  • 176 are in their 30s;
  • 187 are in their 40s;
  • 221 are in their 50s;
  • 195 are in their 60s;
  • 157 are in their 70s;
  • 137 are in their 80s;
  •   72 are in their 90s.


Confirmed cases/recoveries by municipality:

  • Syracuse: 753 total, 338 recoveries
  • Clay: 116 total, 81 recoveries
  • Onondaga: 117 total, 28 recoveries
  • Manlius: 63 total, 49 recoveries
  • DeWitt: 62 total, 42 recoveries
  • Salina: 60 total, 40 recoveries
  • Cicero: 53 total, 31 recoveries
  • Camillus: 43 total, 33 recoveries
  • Geddes: 52 total, 23 recoveries
  • Lysander: 30 total, 26 recoveries
  • Pompey: 23 total, 21 recoveries
  • Skaneateles: 15 total, 14 recoveries
  • Van Buren: 15 total, 4 recoveries
  • LaFayette: 4 total, 3 recoveries
  • Otisco: 5 total, 4 recoveries
  • Marcellus: 6 total, 4 recoveries
  • Elbridge: 2 total, 2 recoveries
  • Fabius: 2 total, 2 recoveries
  • Spafford: 2 total, 2 recoveries
  • Tully: 2 total, 2 recoveries