Municipal Sidewalk Program Hits Speed Bump in Council

Walsh Administration releases “Fact Sheet” about Municipal Sidewalk Proposal

The long sought-after program to take over Syracuse city sidewalks has run into a speed bump. Based on Council procedures the legislation may or may not make it the Council for a vote. In the past there has been support for this program that would initially cost property owners nothing, with annual adjustments. The municipal sidewalk proposal once fully integrated into the budget, residential property owners would pay $100 annually and commercial property owners would be charged $300 every year.

Common Councilor Michael Greene a candidate for Mayor in the upcoming 2021 election has long been in support of municipal sidewalks. Walsh has had sidewalks and making the city walkable as an agenda item since his campaign for Mayor. The Administration implemented a snow removal program for some of our most traveled sidewalks, however the program was cut due to reduced revenue, an impact of Covid -19.

Now, there has been an influx of funding through recent Congressional action and the Walsh Administration wants to use 4.5 million dollars of these funds to jumpstart the sidewalk program.

The decision is now up to the Council, their committee structure, and the calendar. The Administration has released a Municipal Sidewalk Fact Sheet May 2021  which explains their proposal.