MWBE subcontractor meeting: Lake Amphitheater Project January 8, 6:30 PM

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney announces 2nd Outreach Session for Minority and Women Owned Businesses to participate in the construction of the Onondaga Lake Amphitheater. JoanneMahoney

The event will be held at:

The OnCenter
Meeting Rooms 4/5/6
800 South State St., Syracuse, NY 13202
Thursday 1/8/2015   6:30-8:30pm

Onondaga County will host a second meeting for MWBE vendors interested in participating in the Lake Amphitheater project. The meetings will offer a chance to meet the prime contractor and major sub contractors, and will include the project schedule as well as a breakdown of the work packages that will be offered on the project. The meetings will also include information about how to bid on specific work, and any unique requirements for this project relating the Project Labor Agreement. This project not only allows non-union vendors to participate, but REQUIRES that 20% of the work be performed by MWBE vendors.

The meetings are divided by type of work. The meeting this Thursday is for architectural and finishing trades, including but not limited to inside work, HVAC, roofing, carpentry, dry-wall, brick, ornamental concrete,furnishings, flooring and paint.   While all vendors are invited to either session, the focus will be on the trades described above. Any vendor who was not able to attend the first meeting for site work, steel or underground utilities work should attend the meeting this week.   If you have questions about which session to attend you can respond to this email or call my office at 315-435-3458.

The work plan for this project is scheduled to move very quickly and we STRONGLY encourage eligible vendors to attend the appropriate meeting to express your firm’s interest in performing work on the job site. To make the most of the meeting, I have attached a list of information about your firm that we would ask that you bring.

A member of my team will be calling you to confirm your attendance.  Thank you for your excitement to work on this project with us and we will see you Thursday.

(See attached file: amphitheater vendor meetings)

Sean Carroll, Director
Onondaga County Division of Purchase
John H. Mulroy Civic Center
421 Montgomery Street, 13th Floor
Syracuse, NY 13204