“My Home” An Urban Parody from the The Wiz (the Movie)

When I think of Home
I think of place
Where they’re cats overflowing
Can’t wish I was home
Can’t wish I was back there
With the things I’m knowing
Growth to street the tall branch
Bend into leaning
Suddenly, the sewer that leaks
Has a meaning
Sprinklin’ the scene
It ain’t at all clean

Now there is no chance
For me to go back
Now that I see the deception
It sure would be nice
Not to be back home
Where there’s junk, missed collections
And just maybe I
Can convince time to speed up
Giving them enough time
In my ‘hood to clean up
Time, be my friend, let me start again

Gradually, my ‘hoods gone
And changed Its face
So I still know I’m going
I have watched this city spun around in race, new and good parts are growing
And if you’re listening god, please, Don’t make it hard
To know if we should believe the things that we see
Tell me, should I try to stay
Should I run away, or would it be Better just to let things be?

Living here in this blighted ‘hood
It’s not my fantasy
But it’s taught me – to own
So it’s real, real, real to me
And I’ve learned
That we must look outside our dreams
And find
A ‘hood full of  junk
Not yours, But mine
My Home