National Action Network “Save Our Supermarket”

On Saturday, December 29th, 2012, the Syracuse Chapter of the National Action Network held its weekly meeting at Fountain of Life C.O.G.I.C. located at 700 South Ave, Syracuse, NY discussing how to “Save Our Supermarket”.

It has been recently announced that the Governor’s Task Force Committee for the New York State Regional Council awarded Price Rite Supermarket $600,000.00 for the South Ave Supermarket Project. This was a $900,000.00 decrease from what the NYS Regional Council Committee for our region authorized which was $1.5 million dollars for this project.

National Action Network asks that you contact the regional reps for our area and encourage them to have the Governor’s Office reconsider giving us the full allotted amount that was initially approved for this project. The South Ave supermarket would create 100+ jobs for full time & part time employees to be paid a living wage with benefits as well as increase viability in the Southwest Community of Syracuse. Price Rite has already committed to the Syracuse area by building a supermarket from its own funding source on the corner of Erie Blvd and Teal Ave and will need the funds plus additional money to make this project economically feasible due the impact of them building the 1st supermarket without state & federal funds and being that the market holds a 11% impact due to the proximity of both stores.

Regional Council Contacts:

S.U. Chancellor Nancy Cantor 315-443-2235

Mayor Stephanie Miner 315-448-8005

County Executive Joanne Mahoney 315-435-3516

Robert Simpson, President & CEO Center State 315-470-1800 Email:

Juanita Williams, Commissioner’s Central Region Rep-315-479-3250


For more information on this issue please contact Walt Dixie at 315-832-0026